Simple and easy organization ideas for the garden tools!

It is hard sometime to properly organize the garden tools. It would be easy to deal with different kinds of the garden tools like Shovels, rakes, and other garden tools. We always want a storage idea for the tools so that they will not get into the way and it would also be easy to access the tools but the storage technique should not be messy. Storage ideas should be like the tool should not fall off and smack our head, it should be like they are kept safe out of our way so that we should not risk an injury.

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Common storage idea

Generally, we have seen the organization way for the garden tools is like they hang the tools by pounding pair of nails high on the wall and hang their shovels, rake over the nails. This method is also risky as the nails could get knocked loose and hurt somebody. So plan something safer than this method.

Heavy tools kept safe

It is also not possible to hang the heavy tools on the nails knocked high on the walls. Heavy garden tools such as the chainsaws, your best cordless hedge trimmer, the lawn mowers etc. need some safe storage option with them as they are more dangerous for accidental usage so keep them safe and out of sight from the kids at home. These tools come with some safety measures but in spite of that the tools need more safety and so a proper storage idea is needed for such tools.

Easy and quick storage idea

A plastic drum will work for you that is kept in the store room for so long and a hole saw that is needed with the plastic drum. Make a hole in the plastic drum to keep the garden tools safe with long handles. This idea will work with the tools having wide handles as an axe. If you want even bigger hole than do the tw0 holes that will overlap each other.

The second method for the storage of the garden tools is also a safer idea. It this method you have to hang all the tools in the short strap so that you can hang all the tools and other items easily on the wall. By including a short strap it is impossible to accidently fall of the garden tools. Storage strap should be kept at a height so that it would be reachable for you as you have to put a ring on the wall hook. All the tools can be hung on the walls using this method.

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