Define the key options for Folder Lock that includes into it.

Folder Lock is well designed, versatile application that provides quite simply protection down folders. You furthermore may have the choice to make virtual encrypted Wallets, for storing information appreciate addresses and bank data. You’ll conjointly make a copy all of your encrypted information to the cloud. Folder Lock’s configuration settings are comprehensive and Arcanum protected for additional security. What we don’t perceive is that this lets others get access to your privacy which may be either accidentally deleted by friends or family, or maybe manipulated by some other person. Hence, it’s a decent apply to stay your folders Arcanum protected so your information is safe and secured. Because the name suggests, Free Hide Folder could be a free package that helps you to cover a listing of personal folders. Whereas it prevents your sensitive information to be accessed by outside users, they’re going to conjointly not remember of the existence of your personal files and therefore, won’t be able to see them even accidentally. The package provides Arcanum protection to your folders which may be changed or deleted at any given time. Free Hide Folder is straightforward to use tool that works with simply many mouse clicks. Open the tool, notice the folder you wish to cover, choose it and so finally click the choice that claims “Hide Folder” to easily hide your personal folders.

Key options include:

  • Lock files, folders & drives.
  • On the fly coding.
  • Encrypt files & folders.
  • Backup files to a secure cloud.
  • Protect USB/CD/Emails.
  • Make Wallets.
  • Shred files.
  • Clean History.
  • Stealth Mode.

Unless the folders are unhidden by the owner, the folders stay hidden fully. Whereas you run the program the folders are Arcanum protected and need no modification within the filing system. You’ll hide an unlimited range of files with Free Hide Folder that is totally freed from any viruses, ads, or spywares. Whereas you are doing have the choice to cover the folders in Windows download internet explorer 11 software system, it’s of no use because the folder is searched or unhidden. Hence, those that need to Arcanum defend their information they’re forced to hunt facilitate from third-party package. Therefore if you wish to safeguard all of your stuff in an exceedingly flash, you’ll use some smart applications to inscribe them. Folder Lock conjointly comes with some extra choices together with hiding Mode, Hacker try observance, Shred files, AutoLock, motor vehicle closing computer, Lock your computer, Erase computer tracks, 256-bit Blowfish coding and Context Menu in individual.

If you have got an outsized amount of information then you actually wish to secure it, and Folder Lock is one among the tools that helps you to attain that. It helps you to lock and conceal your files, folders, and drives by word protective them. Additionally, it additionally encrypts files, folders and email attachments, whereas it safely backs up your information and additionally safeguards your CD and therefore the USB drives. Advanced Folder secret writing is another giving by Kakasoft that helps lock your personal files, folders, and onerous drives in mere 2 easy steps. It permits you to lock folders instantly with the military normal secret writing that’s, 256 bit AES. It’s an extremely easy program that gives finest security for your sensitive information on your computer or laptop computer.

It offers a very easy interface wherever you’ll be able to drag and drop a file/folder to be protected. You’ll be able to then establish a replacement passcode and once done your protected files or folders can instantly develop into protected icons. You’ll be able to additionally merely right-click on the folder and opt for the choice “Encrypt” to shield your folders in an exceedingly second. In addition, Advanced Folder secret writing additionally permits you to shred files and even for good delete any junk files from your laptop that can’t be recovered.

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