Ubuntu Studio 17.04 Music Software Download

We are happy to announce the discharge of our latest version, Ubuntu Studio 17.04 Zesty Zapus! As a daily version, it’ll be supported for 9 months. Since it’s simply out, you will expertise some problems, thus you may wish to attend a small amount before upgrading. Ubuntu Studio 15.10 could be a one-stop Linux OS buy most inventive individuals. It bundles an almost full vary of transmission content-creation applications for workflows involving audio, graphics, video, photography and publication.

The developers describe this distro as a transmission content-creation hub for all 5 inventive workflows. The last component — publication — is that the weakest link. The publication class in terms of the normal wordsmithing genre is missing. VideodiscStyler could be a video DVD production studio. You’ll do nonlinear video redaction with Kdenlive. You’ll produce and edit your own movies with Pitivi or use OpenShot to make and edit videos.

Xjadeo could be a straightforward video editor that syncs audio from jack transport. RecordMyDesktop helps you to just do that by creating a video of everything you are doing on your desktop. This is often a handy thanks to visually document a how-to topic. Sure, you may take the time and energy to trace down numerous publishing and authoring tools. You’ll install tools for book publication from the repo victimization software package Center, however that won’t the approach the distro provides for the opposite content-creation classes.

The publication applications preinstalled quantity to the LibreOffice author module and Scribus Desktop Publisher. Calibre, a preferred tool for operating with e-books, is offered as an Audacity download solely, despite being hawked as a part of the toolset.

The lack of a bundled publication class could be a turn-off. A more robust resolution would be having a bundled set of publication tools accessible as an add-on from the most menu.

What’s within?

That annoyance aside, Ubuntu Studio offers inventive users a hefty assortment of a number of the most effective transmission creation and redaction software package stockpiled in Linux Land.

Ubuntu Studio is a political candidate Ubuntu subproject. The newest version, free last month, relies on Ubuntu 15.10, aka knavish mythical monster. Its preinstalled software package includes the foremost common free transmission applications accessible and is organized for best performance for every of its targeted user specialties.

This is a transmutation unleash that may be supported for 9 months. It’s plenty of application change in terms of the Debian framework.

The most noticeable amendment is that the main menu class list that has been compacted from 5 classes to 3: Audio Production, Graphic style and Video Production. The menu still has more classes, corresponding to web, Accessories, Media Playback and workplace, and a smattering of unclassified software package titles and system controls.

Bottom Line

Ubuntu Studio 15.10 could be a solid entryway for creative enthusiasts and skilled users returning into the Linux world. It caters additional to graphic and audio specialties, however authors and publication manufacturers have a reliable Linux OS to feature the required tools to spherical out the creative thinking hub.


How to Naturally Boost Collagen with Super Foods

Healthy skin and collagen walk hand in hand. If you’re looking for evergreen great skin then you must know what collagen is and ways to imbibe it in your life so that you can enjoy healthy and good skin always.

In today’s world peeps are so busy it seems they’re living life by default. In this hustling life, people forget to take care of themselves and start to age even before they actually age. And, they look for expensive creams to look as good as they use to be. Markets are flooded with a host of products which are zero on value and big on money. However, Neulift Cream Review is fairly positive as this product uses collagen and peptides to reverse the aging process. Collagen is very important for the skin’s health. Here’s why I present you super foods which help in boosting collagen naturally.


Add these super foods to your diet and eat your way to glow.

6 Collagen Boosting Super Foods

  • Dark Leafy Vegetables

If you want to rev up your collagen product then stock your pantry with dark leafy vegetables. As dark leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin C like Kale and Spinach they are pigmented and dark. This vegetable has anti-oxidizing properties that stabilize the messenger enzymes that break collagen down. It also protects collagen from getting weak.

  • Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C have the ability to help amino acids to convert into collagen. Vitamin C is highly essential in neutralizing free radicals which severely attack and breaks down the elastin and collagen in the skin.

  • Orange Vegetables

Vegetables that are orange in color are rich in Vitamin A like carrots, sweet potatoes which aid in restoring the damaged collagen.

  • Garlic

Garlic is one of the best sources of Sulfur which is essential to boost collagen production in the body.  Garlic not only boosts the production but also provides two active agents that help build collagen fibers that have been damaged.

  • Protein

Adding more protein will support your body’s natural production of collagen. For that you need to add more protein sources in your diet eggs whites are a perfect source if one can consume. Otherwise one can consume vegan sources of protein like peanuts, nuts which supply a decent amount of protein.

  • Oysters

Oysters are power packed with zinc and potent vitamins and minerals including vitamin B12 and iron. They are low caloric and famous among exotic foods. Zinc plays a crucial part in collagen building process.

Adding these foods to your diet will naturally boost the production of collagen in the body. By far you know how important collagen is for our overall health and fitness and especially for your skin’s health.

If you want to age gracefully with a gorgeous looking skin then take care of collagen production, building and repairing of the same. We cannot escape from the aging but we can reduce the effects of aging by eating food that is in harmony with our body overall growth and well-being.

In today’s life work balance peeps hardly get time for themselves and later on look for magical solutions to get them overnight results.

Define the key options for Folder Lock that includes into it.

Folder Lock is well designed, versatile application that provides quite simply protection down folders. You furthermore may have the choice to make virtual encrypted Wallets, for storing information appreciate addresses and bank data. You’ll conjointly make a copy all of your encrypted information to the cloud. Folder Lock’s configuration settings are comprehensive and Arcanum protected for additional security. What we don’t perceive is that this lets others get access to your privacy which may be either accidentally deleted by friends or family, or maybe manipulated by some other person. Hence, it’s a decent apply to stay your folders Arcanum protected so your information is safe and secured. Because the name suggests, Free Hide Folder could be a free package that helps you to cover a listing of personal folders. Whereas it prevents your sensitive information to be accessed by outside users, they’re going to conjointly not remember of the existence of your personal files and therefore, won’t be able to see them even accidentally. The package provides Arcanum protection to your folders which may be changed or deleted at any given time. Free Hide Folder is straightforward to use tool that works with simply many mouse clicks. Open the tool, notice the folder you wish to cover, choose it and so finally click the choice that claims “Hide Folder” to easily hide your personal folders.

Key options include:

  • Lock files, folders & drives.
  • On the fly coding.
  • Encrypt files & folders.
  • Backup files to a secure cloud.
  • Protect USB/CD/Emails.
  • Make Wallets.
  • Shred files.
  • Clean History.
  • Stealth Mode.

Unless the folders are unhidden by the owner, the folders stay hidden fully. Whereas you run the program the folders are Arcanum protected and need no modification within the filing system. You’ll hide an unlimited range of files with Free Hide Folder that is totally freed from any viruses, ads, or spywares. Whereas you are doing have the choice to cover the folders in Windows download internet explorer 11 software system, it’s of no use because the folder is searched or unhidden. Hence, those that need to Arcanum defend their information they’re forced to hunt facilitate from third-party package. Therefore if you wish to safeguard all of your stuff in an exceedingly flash, you’ll use some smart applications to inscribe them. Folder Lock conjointly comes with some extra choices together with hiding Mode, Hacker try observance, Shred files, AutoLock, motor vehicle closing computer, Lock your computer, Erase computer tracks, 256-bit Blowfish coding and Context Menu in individual.

If you have got an outsized amount of information then you actually wish to secure it, and Folder Lock is one among the tools that helps you to attain that. It helps you to lock and conceal your files, folders, and drives by word protective them. Additionally, it additionally encrypts files, folders and email attachments, whereas it safely backs up your information and additionally safeguards your CD and therefore the USB drives. Advanced Folder secret writing is another giving by Kakasoft that helps lock your personal files, folders, and onerous drives in mere 2 easy steps. It permits you to lock folders instantly with the military normal secret writing that’s, 256 bit AES. It’s an extremely easy program that gives finest security for your sensitive information on your computer or laptop computer.

It offers a very easy interface wherever you’ll be able to drag and drop a file/folder to be protected. You’ll be able to then establish a replacement passcode and once done your protected files or folders can instantly develop into protected icons. You’ll be able to additionally merely right-click on the folder and opt for the choice “Encrypt” to shield your folders in an exceedingly second. In addition, Advanced Folder secret writing additionally permits you to shred files and even for good delete any junk files from your laptop that can’t be recovered.


Fetch the best ones out of the insulated thermal food bags on sale

Taking out something to eat whether it is a hot or cold dish might be really challenging. Either you’re taking a dish for any occasion or going out for a picnic at the near park, you are going to desire a durable and fine-insulated bag to maintain the hotness or coldness of your food. There isn’t a vast variation amid these insulated thermal food packs, but you might desire ones having some extra features.

For an instance, you may find bags having an internal carrying leash to assist in keeping contents secure. A few bags present separate top and underneath the compartments. You may also discover bags with useful zipped pockets for stocking utensils and extra items. Thus, we have given out the best picks out for all of you to consider before buying a food bag.

MIER Insulated Double Casserole Food Bag


This insulated thermal food pack has two big compartments, each one of which is able to fit the majority of baking dishes. You may also put in a dish that has been heated up in best microwave oven in India inside one compartment and one chilled dish in another devoid of being concerned about troubling the individual dish temperatures. A big outer pocket has ample space for taking away accessories and has a zipper for more security.

Hot Logic Personal Portable Oven


This one is described as a portable oven, but this pack may be utilized to reheat the dishes, make slow roasts, warm up food, etc. This bag is really energy proficient and functions just perfectly inside the home as it works in the workplace and even while being on a journey. A warmth reflective core keeps heat for an even and consistent temperature. There also exists a top-class twin zipper for further more convenience.

Rachael Ray Expandable Lugger

Rachael Ray

Hold your hot dishes in assurance to every party, gatherings, or a picnic along with this food bag. A big chief compartment provides ample of stocking space, but if you want extra you may utilize the flexible compartment. Every compartment has been insulated and has a barrier to keep hot and cold temperatures as needed. A big outer zipped pocket has ample room for stocking the candles, utensils, knives, and much more. The inside layer is very simple to clean up. This thermal food pack also presents the holding handles through a wrap for further handiness.

3 most effectual yogurt makers for enjoying milky treats at your home!

Buying a Yogurt Maker

If you consume yogurt on frequent intervals of time, a yogurt maker might actually be a perfect investment. Although a few consumers consider twice about paying additional for a sole use piece of equipment the majority discover that the long-term outlay certainly makes up more for the straight price. A lot of consumers also are glad about how simple it is to modify homemade yogurt, counting the additional preservatives, flavors, and the overall texture. One among the chief considerations while looking for the accurate yogurt maker is a general capacity.

Yogurt Maker

If you prepare for creating big bunches it’s best to obtain at least an appliance having a 2-quart volume. A few yogurt makers moreover have lighter containers for separate sole servings. Additional features to gaze for consist of a see-through cover, automatic shutdown, temperature knob, and one timer.

Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

This yogurt maker allows you to make up to 2 quarts of yogurt within 6 to 8 hours. You don’t require limiting yourself to the whole milk so as to obtain delicious outcomes as you can prepare creamy and appetizing yogurt utilizing any kind of milk, counting the soy. Like an additional bonus, you may further utilize the built-in cotton bag to prepare both Greek yogurt as well as cheese.

Epica Homemade Organic Electric Yogurt Maker

Carrying your end product is far easier by this yogurt maker. This is since it comes along seven individual 6-ounce dishwasher-secure glass containers and covers. Don’t be anxious if you are a beginner in using a yogurt maker as it is available through a simple start manual with rapid and appetizing recipes. You may prepare hale and hearty jars of yogurt utilizing any kind of milk which will surely help you in your weight loss regimen and boost your stamina for exercising as well.

Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker

Everything you need to do is to relax and pass time for this appliance to prepare near about 50 ounces of your preferred milk or the soy milk base yogurt. A usefully incorporated cooling mechanism robotically turns to the perfect freezing temperature when the yogurt has been prepared.

Added specs comprise of an undemanding process that starts and ends through the push button and time controls that formulate it simply to the set and recommended fermenting period. You might be able to make near to six individual 8-ounce servings of yogurt in a single go by the big yogurt container. A LED screen visibly demonstrates the cooking time and repeatedly counts down.

Plan Up Your Monthly Budget With Great Ease

Does the monthly budget planning have become a major headache for you? Or is it that you think terrible when it comes to planning your budget in the very starting of the week? Well, we are more here tp help you maintain your budget planning. Trust us that nobody is born with the cash management skills. By the time we’re adults, we are expected to be ready to manage our cash effectively; but few folks are actually able to do so.

Plan Up Your Monthly Budget

Like driving an automotive or enjoying associate instrument, the talent of managing cash should be learned – and it’s newer too late to start! Doing thus sometimes pays immediate edges. Individuals may not earn more cash if they budget well, however they’re going to be ready to use the cash they are doing has with wisdom. Monitoring, reviewing, and re-evaluating your budget and outlay set up. And it os as simple as regulating your ATM machine, since you have learned the exact tactics.

Take the help of the Monthly Calendar

You can easily manage your cash flow by looking at the calendar and marking the days and dates which will require major part of the expenditure in that particular month. Trust me with this practice; you can never lose your track of cash.

The foundation of sound cash management is that the budget. However, for several individuals, the word “budget” evokes feelings of concern or frustration. Your budget is your set up for your cash. It’s supported selections that you create and priorities that you simply determine with your own.

Create your own Management Formula

It’s not what quantity you create, however, what you are doing with what you have. Correct cash management doesn’t involve a magic formula to search out more cash. It merely suggests that obtaining the foremost from the cash you are doing have. Check out your income of the last month and make a fair idea of the next month. You are always advised to keep a little amount for your saving too, or that may be used for any of the emergency purposes like illness or urgent renovation of the household.

Check your expenditure habits

Before you scan any longer, take a fast check out your current cash management talent level. Answer the subsequent queries honestly, supported what you are doing these days. Raise yourself what quantity effort does one place in managing your own money? Does one keep track of what you spent in a very day, week, or month? What percentage times do you regret outlay such lot cash on one thing which will profit you thus little? Such puzzles are available online to assist you to determine however you’ll wish to boost your own cash management skills.

Building an outlay set up, or budget, may be a step–by–step method. Once complete, your budget is that the solid foundation with that you’ll manage your current financial gain and expenses and set up for future prospects. Our team wishes you good luck!

Habitat Jexa Woven Bamboo Lantern

Catch the Most amazing and classy outdoor lanterns for your home’s garden!

The outdoor or garden lanterns are the concluding constituents for cozy nights that are spent outside the house. Candlelight is a characteristic method to produce a little magic in the backyard for dinners or other kinds of parties, but the LED lanterns have now turned out to be furthermore well-recognized for their expediency and durability.

There is metal, glass, ceramic, and wood choice on show in our shortlist, every one having its own personal perks and advantages lighting up your outside room following the time of the sunset. The best picks from the outdoor lanterns have been provided below so that you are able to make a good choice for your garden.

Habitat Jexa Woven Bamboo Lantern

Habitat Jexa Woven Bamboo Lantern


After the inclination for vivid colors on the outside, Habitat’s woven bamboo lantern has the cheerful yellow color. The inexpensive lantern is prepared out of woven bamboo by means of an included handle for transporting around your garden effortlessly. A glass cylinder within it safeguards the candle’s fire from the winds passing by.

John Lewis Canton Outdoor LED Lantern

This sensible outdoor lantern operates through a LED bulb, prepared to look similar an actual candle. It might not provide the glowing appeal of genuine candlelight, but it’s a lot easier to transfer inside and outside the house through the additional feature of not needing to freshen up the clutter of melted wax.

 Garden Trading Cornbury Glass Votive

This strong lantern from Garden Trading takes the shape of a big glass container through a cable metal handle. The grooved glass provides the candlelight a pleasant flame from inside. This pastoral choice has the dimensions of 26 x 18cm and is a liberal volume for this cost.

True Utility LED Storm Lantern

True Utility LED Storm Lantern

In spite of the several variations, the typical storm lantern still hasn’t missed its charm outdoors. Either you admire its old-style appearance, or catch it useful for carrying together on the camp out adventures; this multipurpose favorite has a hint of real longing. This sort of lantern has a changeable LED bulb in the position of the real kerosene burner. This is the kind of lantern that the famous WWE 2017 Champion Bray Wyatt carries along while making an entrance into the arena to fight his opponents. This makes him look even more frightening when he walk in this his weird attire and a long beard.

Zara Home Fuchsia Lantern

Zara’s Fuchsia lantern provides an explosion of hot colors to your outside setting. The lantern’s external casing is a metal confine covered through ribbons of plant fibers. The center is a glass container that grips a pillar candle.

Marks and Spencer Marrakesh Lantern

The standard Moroccan lantern has been here provided a contemporary twist. In place of the filigree feature ordinary on more customary styles, the Marks and Spencer’s edition is furthermore geometric through a sharp shape and a linear design that emits an elaborate shadow while being lit up. The finish of this lantern is of luminous gold, and the lantern’s pivoted door turns the replacement of candles secure and simple.

Barrow Rake Garden Tools Wheel Barrow Garden

Simple and easy organization ideas for the garden tools!

It is hard sometime to properly organize the garden tools. It would be easy to deal with different kinds of the garden tools like Shovels, rakes, and other garden tools. We always want a storage idea for the tools so that they will not get into the way and it would also be easy to access the tools but the storage technique should not be messy. Storage ideas should be like the tool should not fall off and smack our head, it should be like they are kept safe out of our way so that we should not risk an injury.

Barrow Rake Garden Tools Wheel Barrow Garden

Common storage idea

Generally, we have seen the organization way for the garden tools is like they hang the tools by pounding pair of nails high on the wall and hang their shovels, rake over the nails. This method is also risky as the nails could get knocked loose and hurt somebody. So plan something safer than this method.

Heavy tools kept safe

It is also not possible to hang the heavy tools on the nails knocked high on the walls. Heavy garden tools such as the chainsaws, your best cordless hedge trimmer, the lawn mowers etc. need some safe storage option with them as they are more dangerous for accidental usage so keep them safe and out of sight from the kids at home. These tools come with some safety measures but in spite of that the tools need more safety and so a proper storage idea is needed for such tools.

Easy and quick storage idea

A plastic drum will work for you that is kept in the store room for so long and a hole saw that is needed with the plastic drum. Make a hole in the plastic drum to keep the garden tools safe with long handles. This idea will work with the tools having wide handles as an axe. If you want even bigger hole than do the tw0 holes that will overlap each other.

The second method for the storage of the garden tools is also a safer idea. It this method you have to hang all the tools in the short strap so that you can hang all the tools and other items easily on the wall. By including a short strap it is impossible to accidently fall of the garden tools. Storage strap should be kept at a height so that it would be reachable for you as you have to put a ring on the wall hook. All the tools can be hung on the walls using this method.


Technology to boost your salon sales process!

Day by day, technology is evolving constantly and various businesses are now becoming dependent on the technology for the betterment. So include these technologies in your salon business to streamline your sales techniques and process. So rather than avoiding it, try to embrace the tech world to boost your sales. So check out these technologies which help you accelerate your revenue and embrace your sales processes.


Messaging campaign

The messaging campaign will help you generate lots of business within a month. So launch your own text messaging campaign to retain your old customers and to bring new customers with the help of text messages. According to various reports and research, it is analyzed that you will generate near about $2 lac revenue in a single month. So do not waste your time just go through this messaging campaign and try to apply this. Not only salon gets profit with this campaign, but you can also apply the messaging campaign in your spa. Selling good services and products including portable shampoo bowl, massage tables, cosmetics and heavy discount on your services including discounts on spa, haircuts and more can surely help you and your business grow with a boost.

Build your website

In order to get more profit and to promote your brand name, you have to build your own website to make your customer engage and know about your offerings as well as your products. In order to build your own website can be intimidating and will cost you a lot but in turn, will help you getting more business. So start building your own website to get a large number of customers.

Online bookings

You can also start your online booking system to get a number of customers come to your door and to improvise your monthly appointments. According to various surveys, more that 30 percent of the appointments are booked in the non-business hours so start an online booking system which will give impact on your sales and revenue dramatically.


Booker is an online technique which distributes all your appointments on various online websites including yelp, the group on and other marketing websites. In order to know how to use there are various websites and blogs present online which let you know the process of using the booker. The booker sends the customized emails and text messages as well as helps you track on your gifts and let you customize your own e-commerce store to marketise and sell your salon products and services.

Apart from this, try to show up your business and store in your search result as customers will not be able to find you online if you are not present in the search result. All you must have the various accurate online listings.


Give your kitchen a trendy look with latest cabinet designs!

In 2017, if you are willing to give your kitchen a new look then go through this article which will help you out in changing the interior of your kitchen. Here we have commuted various types of cabinets available in the market which has the ability to change the look of your kitchen as the cabinets are the most important part of your kitchen which covers nearly half of your kitchen area. If you have the old and outdated kitchen cabinets then replace the cabinet with the new one, selecting the the best designs for your kitchen can be a tough task but a perfect combination of designer chimney’s and exclusive gas range 2017 series pick can give your kitchen a unique beautiful design.


Metallic cabinets

There are various types of metallic cabinets available in the market which gives your kitchen a mid-century modern look. The metallic kitchen cabinet is one of the best options if you are working women as this type of cabinet does not require lots of maintenance as well as it is very easy to clean. Apart from the cleaning and maintaining, you can easily install the cabinets in your kitchen. So if you want to give your kitchen a mid-century look then this is the best appliance for your kitchen.

Functional Cabinets

The functional cabinetry is the tech-savvy cabinets where you can utilize the space present with the new innovations and technology. This type of cabinetry is the inbuilt charging station where you can put all your electronic devices where you can put your tablets or the smartphone devices to read out your recipe. So incorporate the new innovations and technology into these functional cabinets.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Nowadays it is a trend to have the glass cabinet doors or the open shelving which enhances the interior of your kitchen. The placement of the glass paneled cabinet will help you to expose the beautiful design and clean dishware which are free from the debris or the dust mist. To give your kitchen a modernized look then use this frosted glass cabinet doors which help you out to create the openness in your kitchen area

Chalk Paint cabinets

If you want to upgrade your kitchen cabinets without spending lots of money then you can go for the painting of your cabinets. In the coming year, the chalk paint will become popular which can give your kitchen a new look. The chalk paint is the type of paint which gives your kitchen an aged or the distressed appearance. You can use this type of cabinets for your farmhouse as it is the perfect cabinets which enhance your farmhouse looks.